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Boot fitting

Your perfect shoe for enjoyable days on the mountain

Ski boots are often the biggest spoilers on an otherwise wonderful day of skiing. They push uncomfortably or cause cold feet. Thanks to boot fitting, you can adapt the ski boots to your foot shape and your time on the boards becomes pure enjoyment. 

Come to our ski shoe fitting studio and see for yourself! 

Each of us knows the problem of the pressing shoe or the uncomfortable friction on the foot. Every foot is completely different, which makes it almost impossible to produce a standardized ski boot for everyone. Whether instep height, heel width or forefoot width - all these factors are taken into account when boot fitting, so that nothing rubs, presses or sits too loosely on the slopes.

In our ski boot fitting studio, your needs are discussed in a consultation and the shape of the foot is analyzed. State-of-the-art technologies are used to develop the optimal fit, which you can then test on the slopes.