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Chiara with dog and ski


  • Stylish winter doll

  • Size: 12 cm

  • fully articulated

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    Ski school child Chiara with ski and dog.

    Size: 12 cm.

    Chiara has just turned 4 and is learning to ski. It's a lot of fun for her, even if she doesn't succeed in everything. “Practice makes perfect”, says her ski school teacher Sarah Katharina when Chiara falls into the soft snow. Sometimes Ina is also on the slopes. Ina is Chiara's favorite playmate and the most beautiful bitch in the whole world, Chiara thinks. Chiara is getting better and better every day, says her sister Paula, who is already racing. Let's go Chiara, you can do it! With skis, ski sticks, shoes, ski goggles, goal poles, trophy, compass and dog Ina.

    Not suitable for children under 3 years.

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    blue, pink



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